Our cloud based software encrypts your records over the web and stores your files on ultra-secure servers. We use the most trusted technology and certifies development standards including HL7 international standards. No need to install and maintain software or backup files! We do it for you! Electronic records are on the horizon for care providers, large and small. Use Adaptive CSS application to take control and save hours each month. Give authorized users secure access to current information whenever they need it, wherever they are.


Meeting Health Level 7 International Standards connecting care providers with pharmacies and other certified health professional records.

Safety MAR

“You take medications seriously”
“We track medications seriously”

One of the most important areas of record keeping is charting on medication administration and services. Adaptive CSS supports the need for safety and accuracy. Safety MAR includes flexible medication and service scheduling. Our simple to use charting form helps to ensure accurate recording. Reports are easy to read and available on demand. Give users secure access to information whenever they need it, wherever they are. Save time, ensure accuracy and reduce errors.

Performance Service Charting

“Designed for your business by people in your business”

Performance Service Charting enables streamlined administration of programs and care plans. Make staff’s charting job easier and get more accurate results with screens customized for individual client programs. Produce custom periodic progress reports that include counts and % success calculations in minutes instead of hours. Shift summary and follow-up notes are easy to create and share. Spend less time looking for information, filling in forms and compiling reports.

Performance Scheduling

“Manage employees scheduling,
time, and attendance seamlessly”

Adaptive software makes it easy for staff to know what needs doing and what has been done. It’s easy to chart, access, and report on information. Compliance reports and alerts help to avoid errors or underreported services. Performance Scheduling makes short work of scheduling staff and reporting time and attendance for multiple locations.

Secure Channel Messaging

Performance Staff Communication Module

“Specifically developed for the healthcare industry our Adaptive Secure Channel messaging is developed to provide secure and instant communication between your entire organization’s staff and management. It is a solution to the need to send encrypted messages and files containing Patient health information that will not be stored on your users computers creating a vulnerability to unwanted access.

Secure Pharmacy Interface

“Import prescriptions directly from your
participating pharmacy electronically and safely”

Participating pharmacies can electronically send patient medication records to Adaptive CSS via our secure HL7 based interface. With final approval from your nursing staff, let your pharmacy enter and update your medication inventories


“Mental Health Services – Practitioner Billing”

A secure convenient way for practitioners to record Mental Health Progress Notes that includes service and travel times for billing. Managers can review, approve, and produce a spreadsheet of records for billing.


  • Since VALLEYLIFE started using Adaptive two years ago, we’ve received positive feedback from our staff on how easy it is to use. We’ve also received compliments on the clear and informative reports we submit to external agencies. In general, it has allowed us to cut back the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. We continue to be satisfied with our decision to use Adaptive for our electronic record keeping.

  • We are excited to find QMRP software that meets all the state reporting requirements. The program is easy to set up and maintain. It is a fast way to document. Forms are generated automatically for medical appointments, quarterly and annual reports. Percentages are automatically generated. Adaptive staff is always available to help with any problems or questions you may have.

  • They are more than willing to work with their customers and adjust the program for our company’s needs. A great time-saving tool! Especially for people who don't work in the same building. For example phone time, driving time, communication & minor confusions all around.

    J.W, ILC WI
  • In a case study report, C.T. states: Overall Assisted Living Soft, Inc. seems to be the most comprehensive program that we've researched. I can see going forward that we would save time, reduce redundancy, and increase the accountability of our program staff. Electronic documentation will give us the opportunity and means to be more resourceful with our assets by maintaining and growing in our actual point-of-contact services. Again their Customer Service has been excellent.

    C.T, HBI MN