Medications and Medical Services

Medications and Medical Services 2017-12-01T18:01:15-06:00

Medications and Medical Services Charting

Ensure Administration Accuracy
Ease Nursing Oversight
Accurate Reporting

Flexible Medication and Service Scheduling
Med Pass Times
Late Charting Reminders (with E-Mail option)
Interface available with participating Pharmacies


HR Staff Master

Easy to Manage Staff and 3rd Party Access
Stay compliant
Ability to schedule clients and staff

Single entry point
Manage Access and Permissions
Track Training and Certification

Client Master

All information is one easy to access location
Current information available at all times
Ability to manage client and staff schedules

Logical organization of information

Fact Sheet/Client Profile
Ability to schedule clients and staff
Upload and file documents

Professionals and Relations

Company Library of 3rd Parties (Medical Professionals, Case Workers Payors, Medicaid, contacts ECT: )


Mental Health Practitioner

Support Mental Health Practitioner practice (ARMHS)
Electronic Signatures with Topaz pads

Mental Health Progress Notes
Functional Assessments
Individual Treatment Plan