EVV Solve 2023-03-23T12:32:44-05:00

Adaptive Care Providers Software is working to complete this high demand development. A MN version, of Adaptive EVV charting solutions. Our #Adaptive model has always been that one size fits all does not fit all care providers and organizations. With that in mind were keeping the flexibility option front and center as we progress.

Minnesota DHS has not selected to date an aggregator to process EVV information. Working closely with the DHS, MNITS we are told that selection is coming shortly. At present Adaptive collects the necessary charting information that ultimately will accompany any Visit verification final rules that may become effective outside of the big six. EG:

  • Type of service performed

  • Who received the service

  • Date of service delivery

  • Location of the service delivery

  • Who provided the service

  • When the service begins and ends

Like our Mobile charting features in order to remain HIPPA compliant and cost effective no PHI (Personal Health Information) is to be stored on the users device and security levels of SSL and authentication are at the highest standards.

The Adaptive EVVSolve app is intended to be available integrated with the Adaptive suite of charting solutions as well as a standalone for single care providers where needed. The stand-alone version can be upgraded to an Adaptive integrated account at any time in the future.

We have had many requests for an EVV solution, and we thank you all for your input and suggestions. As we roll out the mobile app this summer, we continue to welcome any suggestions and look forward to any special needs you or your company may have.

Stay tuned for updates coming soon right here. Feel Free to email Peter@adaptivecss.net with any questions.