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Why use Provider Revenue Consulting?

We have helped many diverse providers of service to recover revenue that would have otherwise fell off the time schedule and been lost. Providers are expecting the revenue they generate, but sometimes that cannot be achieved without the help of a pair of outside eyes. We can address this and put your business office on the right track to continue a set stream line of revenue with clean front end billing and/or back office recovery.

Services include clean-up of aging AR and a customized start for new front end claims.

Old AR will help determine the trends and issues that need to be addressed for quick revenue recovery. A project will be comprised of working aged AR with trend tracking, recovering money before it’s one year timely and compiling a new process with a quality assurance in place so your revenue will not become aged again.

This Team approach will ensure compliance at the highest standard and ensure the ongoing quality of your new process with software and customization.

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The objective with you is to eliminate or drastically reduce AR aging and bill a clean claim on the front end billing module with better software and policies and procedures.

Of course the sooner we can look at your Aged AR, the higher the recoup rate. We have stepped into many business offices at day 180 or less (from date of service), and a higher recovery percentage is attainable.